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Welcome to Maidan Resolutions Project blog! 

This web-resource is a part of my research project, carried out in the Graduate School of Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. The project aims at thorough analysis of developments in Ukraine during November 2013 – February 2014 using documentary sources - resolutions, decisions, addresses of popular gatherings across the country. The project is not commercial, and follows only research purposes. 

This blog was created specifically to share the original texts of the resolutions with the other researchers and facilitate scientific collaboration.

Dramatic events of “Euromaidan", followed by "Antimaidan" are extremely complicated. Their evaluation is often controversial and confusing. However no one seems to question their importance for Ukraine's modern history. I believe that the analysis of these events cannot be reduced to statements made ​​by politicians or public figures of the cities of Kyiv or Donetsk. This approach is too limited - the history is not happening in the single city. The people of the Ukraine took active part and continue to be involved in these events. 

Popular assemblies - ‘viches’, rallies and marches were held in many oblast and rayon centers both in the west and the east of Ukraine, in towns and villages. People gathered, discussed, decided and demanded. They sent protesters to the capital, declared the position of the community, appealed to local authorities, national leaders or international community. Resolutions and decisions such meetings provide an invaluable documentary evidence of local events, which are combined into an overall picture of national movements. 

Calling the project "Maidan Resolutions" I referred to the broad meaning of the word "maidan"- an open space, used for events such as public meetings, referring to any gathering in Ukraine since November 2013, irrespective of self-name of such assembly: "euromaidan", "maidan" or "antimaidan". I believe that social processes and movements are interrelated and cannot be viewed separately, but must always be studied on the basis of proven facts, not judgmental. 

The decision to make the texts of the resolutions public does not require an explanation - the documents are not mine, I just collected them in one place. They belong to the people of Ukraine, and therefore can be used by anyone. Thus a present blog, as a collection of such documents, may be of interest to researchers, analysts, journalists who study Ukrainian events. 

Currently my collection of documents consists of over 100 resolutions, decisions and statements. All documents had been posted in Google Documents; links are listed in “Resolutions” section. I constantly replenish this list, so I invite you to visit the blog from time to time. At this point, only original texts – in Ukrainian or Russian – are available.

My research project is not limited to the collection of documents, but also provides an analytical component. At this stage qualitative analysis of the texts of some documents was made ​​the first results provide a better understanding of social reality. Find the preliminary pieces of analysis under "Analysis" tab. 

Thank you for visiting the blog. You are welcome to join me for the objective analysis of the events of Ukrainian modern history! 

Olga Zelinska
PhD student
The Graduate School for Social Research
More about me here

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